Thanks to support from CFGM, taking part in the event will be free. We know most BiFests charge £3 to £10 'on the door' to attend, and if you can afford to give something please do so either as a donation on the door or by buying raffle tickets - the money will make a vital difference to whether we can take part at events like Pride this year thus raising bi visibility more widely.

The LGF venue...

Like most venues, there are good and bad aspects to the LGF for accessibility issues. We'll be posting more information here as we get it and in response to questions cos we surely won't think of everything ourselves!

We can tell you that last time we used the venue we were advised it is open to people aged 18+ only, due to the terms of the insurance. However they now advise us that

5, Richmond Street is fully accessible from street level to all 3 floors of our building via a lift and baby-changing facilities are included.

So at least for small children things have changed.

Note that access to the spaces we are using - which are all on the 2nd floor - is by lift only - there are no stairs.

Food and Drink

We will be laying on some food on the day; do feel free to bring and share. Cake is always welcome, but other things too. Please label food with details of ingredients if at all possible.

We've arranged tea / coffee facilities with the venue and will be sorting out some cold drinks like fruit juice too..