Help make it happen

Join us

BiFest is being put together by a small group of volunteers. If you have skills and/or enthusiasm to contribute, we could use your support!

Helping in advance

We could use help spreading the word about the event online and in the real world - so add links to the event to your blogs and websites, share the event on your facebook profile, or get in touch to help distribute flyers about the event.

Please link to and if you can include one to as well that would be great for people who find your writing after the event to have a good pointer of where else to start.

On the day tasks

We could use people to help with

- workshop / session leading
- front desk, welcoming people and directing them
- setting up and setting down on the day before and after the event

And no doubt other things we've not yet thought of. Got a skill or an idea? Get in touch!

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